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Recent successes


Adam Carpenter

Mohammed Kathrada

Pam Gumede


Andile Buthelezi

Jon-Marc Tomlinson


Tando Mtubu

Belinda Merrifield


Santhurie Pillay

Gary Simpson


Lieze Geldenhuys


Rob Barnes

Marcelle Jagga

Recent successes


Rob Barnes


Mncedisi Nontshe

Odie Swart

Ibrahim al-Turki


Helen Buley


Garth Horsten

Dabielle Potgieter

Kate Gordon

Pete Slabber

Thivian Pillay

Leigh Solomon

Congratulations to Dr John Krynauw, who wrote the Part 1 in October 2018 after transferring to Durban. He was awarded the Hymie Samson Medal FCA(SA) Part I – excellence in Physics and Clinical Measurement

Congratulations to Dr Garth Horsten, awarded the following from the March 2013 examinations:

  • Jannsen Research foundation medal (overall medal for the exam)
  • Abbot Medal (Excellence in Pharmacology section )
  • Glaxo Smith Kline Medal (Excellence in Physiology section)
diploma in anaesthetics

Recent graduates

1st Semester 2019

K Venter

V van Niekerk

Y Chang

S Alladeen

N Mbokazi

N Mashuga

G Robinson

M Padayachee

2nd Semester 2018

K Maharaj

S Seevnarain

A Levey

A Clark

N van Staden

M Nel

G Ferreira

A Ooko

C Pieterse

F Baba

A Theron

K le Roux

S Essa

1st Semester 2018

A Dlungwane

A Carpenter

A Govender

K Goodwin

N Solomons

2nd Semester 2017

N Naidoo

T Langa

K Fidler

M Kathrada

B Hosking

1st Semester 2017

G Cakwebe
C Chetty
R Cooper
J Hlatywayo
Z Ntlanti
K Rangai
V Tembo

Successful DA Candidates_2008-2015_PMB.pdf

SASA John Couper DA Medal

Pietermaritzburg Metropolitan Recipients

1993 Sept Lynette Duckworth

1998 Sept Gill Reay

2001 Mar Rose Mulder (Vorster)

2002 Sept Michelle Arcache

2004 Mar Brian Allwood

2006 Sept Kerry Timmerman

2008 Sept Leah Reid

2010 Mar Adam Capek

2014 Sept Francis Orr

2018 Sept Andrew Levey

departmental awards

2007 Reitze Rodseth Best registrar

2008 Rob Wise Best registrar

Reitze Rodseth Best presentation

2009 David Bishop Best presentation

2011 Nosisi Mzoneli Best registrar

Richard von Rahden Best teacher

Colin Mitchell Best presentation (PMB)

Christella Alphonsus Best presentation (Durban)

2012 Colin Mitchell Best registrar

2013 Nosisi Mzoneli Best registrar

2017 Odie Swart Best registrar

other achievments

2009 Rob Wise Reagon Fellowship

2010 Reitze Rodseth Best SAJAA publication (SASA)

Reitze Rodseth Canada HOPE scholarship

Reitze Rodseth MMed awarded

Reitze Rodseth Recognised as a prolific researcher (UKZN)

2011 Reitze Rodseth Phyllis Knocker/Bradlow Award (CMSA)

Reitze Rodseth Recognised: an emerging researcher (UKZN)

2012 Rob Wise Mary Weston Fund, UKZN

Reitze Rodseth Outstanding Achievement Award in Health

Research Methodology, McMaster

University, Canada

2013 Rob Wise MMed awarded

Reitze Rodseth Health Research Methodology Student

Publication Award, McMaster

University, Canada

2014 Belinda Kusel MMed awarded

2015 Rob Wise Edendale Hospital Saving Blood, Saving
Lives Project

– CPSI Awards – first runner up

– NBPSEA – first place “best implemented
project 2015”

congress awards

2006 Reitze Rodseth Registrar Communication Prize, SASA congress

2007 David Bishop, Best poster presentation at PACSAcongress

Robert Wise

2010 Rob Wise Best oral presentation at CCSSA congress

2010 Sam Dawson Best poster presentation at CCSSA congress

2012 Rob Wise Best poster presentation at CCSSA congress

Reitze Rodseth Best Oral Presentation by a Master’s
Student, Faculty of Health Sciences

Research Plenary; McMaster University,


2013 Leigh Solomon Best poster presentation at SASA congress

Reitze Rodseth Best Oral Presentation, College of Health

Sciences Research Symposium

2018 Belinda Merrifield Best poster presentation at PACSA


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