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We have over 50 anaesthetic medical officers in the Pietermaritzburg Hospital Complex. Medical officers range from doctors who have been doing anaesthetics for over 20 years, to those who just come to do anaesthetics for a year and get their Diploma in Anaesthesia (DA), before moving on to registrar jobs, other specialities, or jobs in other departments. There are a number of career medical officers who have chosen not to specialise due to other priorities … be they family, music, travel or birds. We have many doctors who come to work in our department from the UK, Mauritius & from all parts of South Africa, as it is a great place to learn anaesthetics.

Every year we train about 20 doctors with no anaesthetic experience, helping them reach a level where they are competent to give anaesthesia safely. They enjoy their time in our department because of the great teaching, the varied case load, and the challenges of working at three very different hospitals. They are supported by friendly, motivated seniors from a variety of backgrounds and with a wide range of skills. Their confidence improves quickly with the right amount of instruction and independence. Medical officers have the opportunity to become involved with intern and nurse teaching, audits, and research. The famous Edendale Hospital tea room and coffee club allows for great socialising as well!

Medical officer and registrar calls vary from 9 to 18 hour shifts. Doctors rotate through the three different hospitals and are also given the opportunity to rotate through ICU for three to six months, depending on the role they may play while working there.

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